Room and Desk Booking Software - Cloud-based Room and Workspace Scheduling and Optimization

Cloud-based Room and Workspace Scheduling and Optimization

The world of workplace management is being transformed. As companies change to new ways of hybrid working and look to drive greater space efficiency—and better collaboration between staff—they need technology that offers tighter control over the sharing and usage of meeting rooms and flexible workspaces.  A lack of a viable and accessible workplace can disinterest your employees and reduce productivity and without the right software, organizations are coming up against the same problems…


A lack of booking tools to simplify room and desk usage

Miscommunication over available and unavailable space

Unable to track employee and visitor check-ins

Few options in how you streamline booking

Our powerful room and desk booking system delivers a greater employee experience

property management software

Easy-to-use, employee friendly booking tools

Streamlined and easy-to-use desk and conference room booking.

cloud property management software

Physical and digital options for booking

Reserve available space using our Workplace Connect app, or through physical modules for onsite sign-ins.

cloud property software

Robust communication

Robust communication between employees, guests, and office administrators on available space and when it’s used

Packed full of features to make room and desk booking easy

Simple Desk Booking

Simple Desk Booking

Improve the person-to-desk ratio and efficiently utilize costly workspace by enabling employees to book, view and manage flexible workspaces through powerful desk scheduling tools, including neighborhoods on mobile devices, on the web, desk displays or workplace kiosks.

Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Room Booking

Easily manage conference room booking by offering both self-service and centrally managed workflows with highly configurable operational rules.

Quick Amendments

Quick Amendments

Easily make and update reservations with fewer clicks and keystrokes by using the intuitive ‘drag and drop’ functionality.

Deliver great experiences

Deliver great experiences

Deliver perfectly orchestrated client meeting experience with an all-encompassing suite of apps for Client Services, Reception, Catering and other Service Providers.  Leverage easy-to-use workflow tools to improve processes. Manage workspace availability, visitors, catering, AV services and meeting room setups with ease.

Improve Collaboration

Improve Collaboration

Collaborate across different locations and borders by streamlining the booking and management of complex global video conferences across multiple sites and workstreams.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Leverage easy-to-use workflow tools to manage visitors, catering, AV services and meeting room setups.

System Flexibility
Adapt to your changing workplace with easily configurable fixed, agile or flexible workspaces. Make the necessary adjustments as and when appropriate.
Calendar Integration
Consolidate your meeting room booking through efficient two-way integration with Microsoft 365 and Outlook calendars.
Workspace Screens
View live workspace availability, book and check-in, and free up no shows, all from outside the room or on the desk (includes RFID card swipe functionality).
Service Management
Manage and track service providers and associated resources for meetings, including catering/AV. Communicate changes to providers automatically.
Eliminate no shows
Free up ghost bookings to increase space utilization and and make valuable resources available. No-show rules will free up a workspace within a set time frame.
Key Insights
Access powerful pivot and out-of-the box reporting. Gain key insights around space utilization, trends analysis, services used, costs by departments and materials used.

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