Innovative space management software enabling users to optimise their real estate

Space management

Manage all of your CAD floor plans, measurements and space utilisation.

Workplace management

Calculate department space use and track personnel locations, directories and vacancies.

Asset management

Assign assets to individuals, track equipment locations and manage maintenance procedures.

Automated workflows

Communicate moves through all phases, including requests, approvals, delegations and service delivery.

Plan, manage and execute improvements in your workplace with holistic space management software

The world of work was changing before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and now that shift has gathered even greater pace. Real estate, facilities and space managers were being expected to deliver a more efficient and enjoyable workplace that improves the experience of staff, customers, business leaders and other stakeholders. And now, of course, there is an even greater emphasis on safety and well-being. To properly address this challenge, you need to understand how your workplaces are actually used. The ability to plan effectively is dependent on complete and accurate information – and having the right technology in place is a necessity. With our space management software, you can easily capture and visualise how your real estate is being used, making leaps to ensure safe practices, positively impact the bottom line and get more from your estate.

tenant and lessee solutions

Create positive business impacts and make significant cost savings

  • Measure and analyse how you use your workspace and buildings.

  • Visualise real-time occupancy, vacancy and allocations information.

  • Streamline the planning and execution of large and small moves.

  • Make it easy for all employees to find co-workers, meeting spaces, equipment and other important information.

  • Understand how your workplace is utilised, capture data and produce visual reports.

  • Navigate floor plans to drill into room and use data.

Deep functionality helping unlock value and reduce real estate costs

Manage & plan workplace moves

Schedule and execute moves of all sizes, and visualise occupancy and vacancy plans. You can also develop multiple move scenarios and save as separate options – with the ability to easily produce and share planning documents for review and approval, improving departmental collaboration.

Enhance employee experience

Make it easy and effortless for your employees to find people, places and equipment across your properties. You can also leverage our software for better employee engagement by providing a self-service resource to access the information you want to distribute.

Improve space utilisation

Measure, record and visualise how space is being used by categorising the Space Types, Space Use and Furniture Buildouts for each area. You can quickly produce and share floor plans and reports – as well as space supply-and-demand reports for future moves and restacks based on occupancy/vacancy.

Maximise your occupancy

Maintain accurate seating plans and monitor to identify potential improvements. Flexible functionality also supports agile workspaces and you can measure and report space types, area usage and space allocation amounts. Mobile devices can also be used to validate plans during walk-throughs.

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